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grand opening in 6/6/15 if not the 6/6/18
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:12 PM
and vore stuff is fine, long as it does not have P**n in it... again, vore p**n is posted in adult page
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:09 PM
member ship is free... you are aloud to post ten art stuff a month free, but after ten you have to pay $1. storys are free, and also adult stuff dont post on main page, theres a page just for p**n. 11 years old to join, 18+ for the adult.
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:07 PM
soon there will be a website called WWW.DR hope to see yall at the grand opening!
Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:02 PM
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sat Oct 25, 2014, 11:58 AM
A i have added you on steam name is devilscout
Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:23 AM
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 7:14 PM
I am infiltrating your shoutbox.
Sun Oct 19, 2014, 10:53 PM
Sun Oct 19, 2014, 6:14 PM
Hi livin, you can make me a comic XD
Sun Oct 19, 2014, 1:54 PM


ok, my old hard drive kicked the bucket, I got a new hard drive and my computer is as empty as a shell. Good news is I had time to back up all my files. Bad news is that I'd have to re install everything as well as transfer hundreds of gigabytes worth of files. So it  may take a few days. Plus, I need to get used to everything, its like its not  the computer I used to work with any more.

as for the commission, currently working on slots 6 and 7 now.
Seviper's date by livinlovindude
Seviper's date

One of the many things Seviper's dates learn the hard way is not to pick on her size! 

Tried doing some serpent on serpent vore because it seems fun! Poor Dragonair, but at least Seviper likes you!

Story was written by :icondaninjaman:


“Yeah… These Fairy type are a real game changer.” Dragonair said. Seviper looked to the ground and only offered a chuckle in response. “Hehe… Yeah…”

Dragonair and Seviper were on a quiet date, deep in the wood behind the manor. The entire thing had been set up by Serperior in an attempt to find Seviper someone special. So far things weren’t really going as Seviper had hoped. Dragonair had commanded most of the conversation and she found herself in the awkward position of hardly knowing what to respond with. Her mind raced for a better response, she had to come up with something quick.

“But hey,” she spoke up suddenly, “I hear fairies are weak against poison. I’m pretty sure I can take them on for you.” By the time she had finished the first sentence, a blush had formed on her face. At the end, it was a tomato red. Expecting to see the same on Dragonair’s face, she glanced up only to see him smiling.

“You?” He exclaimed before bursting into laughter. “Ah hahaha! That’s cute! But aren’t you a bit small?” Years later, Dragonair would look back on the words he spoke on this day and remember his poor choice of words. Seviper would remember it as the time her date made one of the worse decisions of his life. Everyone knows not to pick on Seviper’s size unless they want to face the consequences.

Her body coiled up and her red eyes narrowed, hissing at Dragonair. “’Too small?!’ Well! Excuuuse me and my too small of a body!” Dragonair didn’t understand the ramification of his words and he backed up a few inches, eyes widening at the sudden change in emotion from the snake. She had gone from going so cute and embarrassed to quite the angry viper. “Huh? Seviper? What?” Then it hit him. “Wait! I didn’t mean…” He never finished his statement before the purple snake rose up above the cowering form of Dragonair.

She hissed again, showing her fangs and eyes narrowing to a predatory state. “Oh no!” She said with quite the frightening voice. “Let me debate that I am of sufficient size!” In seconds she was on Dragonair, wrapping around him and pinning Dragonair to the ground. She wrapped her body around his tightly, squeezing him and completely rendering himself useless. She found herself calming down a bit, looking down at her date that she had just beaten with hardly any effort. “Heh... Yeah, I can definitely tell you’re gonna have trouble with fairies without my help…”

The whole motion had been nothing but a purple blur to Dragonair and found himself laying flat, eyes still spinning and body sore. “Ow… er… Seviper… what I mean is how are… you gonna make that work?” This was the second time today that Dragonair would regret his choice of words. Seviper leaned close to her pinned date, a lustful look beginning to form across her face. Her jaws parted and a cloud of hot, humid air came out of her jaw, her tongue coming out to slowly drag along Dragonair’s forehead, the taste of his skin dancing along her taste buds, her stomach letting out a small growl of hunger from the presence of fresh prey. A flush came across Dragonair’s face as her tongue touched him.  She moved away from the head of the other serpent and moved to his tail where hers was already wrapped around. Using her own tail, she maneuvered his tail up to her face. “Allow me to demonstrate!” She exclaimed before maneuvering the ball of his tail into her maw, saliva already pouring forth and dribbling down Dragonair’s tail, warm and thick.

Dragonair on the other hand, was very much not interested in Seviper’s demonstration and was quick to voice his concern. “What the? Seviper!” He tried to struggle but found it completely useless, his body was far too tightly bound by the snake and already half of it had already disappeared into Seviper’s hungry body, her maw hungrily desired more, saliva practically flowing across Dragonair’s blue body like a river. Despite having her mouth full of her date, she still managed to speak clear enough for her food to understand. “Mmm~ keep struggling cutie! It’s not really gonna help but if it’s any consolation, it does feel heavenly inside!” Dragonair, not exactly happy to oblige but given it was the only thing he could do in this situation did so, hoping to free his halfway consumed body. “Gyaaah!” He exclaimed again, “How is this going to work?!” Seviper was quick to answer, happy her prey had so many perplexing questions for her. “Easy! When you’re safe inside my stomach, those fairy types can’t hurt you anymore!”

Speaking of that stomach, Dragonair’s tail was just beginning to enter it, his tail being forced to slowly curl itself up in the tight, warm space. His struggled were also starting to end as well, the vast majority of his body slowly and surely disappearing within the snake. As Seviper’s jaws curled around the dragon type’s head, her tongue came up in front of him to give his lips a few licks, her blush forming. She shifted him slightly, freeing her vocal chords for a moment to mock the other pokemon a little more. “Mm~ you taste good!” Her blush returned quickly as she continued her licking and further taste, Dragonair’s blush only getting redder despite the situation he found himself in. “Gah! S-Seviper!” Those were the last words he managed to get out before his head was swallowed up by the tight muscles of Seviper’s throat and he disappeared within her bulging body. Seviper let out a sigh of relief after finally managing to force to the other serpent down, taking a moment to revel in the feeling of utter fullness before speaking again. “Oh don’t worry!” She assured her stomach’s newest occupant, “This strategy is sound and you’ll learn to like it over time!” Dragonair on the other hand didn’t have anything to say, only to try and get himself comfy in the tight, humid space of his date’s belly. Despite how much he was against the situation at first, his blush had never disappeared. He wouldn’t admit it out right, but this date hadn’t been so bad really.

Sometime later, Seviper and Serperior lay together in the manor, Serperior eargerly awaiting for Seviper to tell her how things went. She glanced at the bulging stomach of her companion again for what seemed like the hundredth time. She couldn’t wait anymore. “oooh~ I trust the date went swimmingly?” Seviper opened her mouth to answer but instead of words, a slight burp escaped her mouth, a blush instantly crossing her face. “Urp-! Yup! Quite a cutie too. I hope he’ll stay once I let him out though.” She curled her tail around the mass in her stomach still feeling the struggles of Dragonair inside of her, Serperior giggling at his movements and noises. It had really been quite an unusual and rather unexpected end to an unforgettable date.

Don't slouch by livinlovindude
Don't slouch
Also smile! You'll look prettier!

This was meant to be "Someone's watching, better put on my look" but that's a bit vain. And we know she isnt!
As of now, I'm accepting commissions! if you're interested, you can contact me via skype: livinlovindude or  note me here in dA for inquiries on commission prices and other details!

Priority will be given to those who have reserved slots! 
This includes, but not limited to*

*there are others who reserved slots and this list hasn't been updated, sorry about that


Call me A, please
Me!!!!! Hello! Everyone! This is Lawin Dacera! But you can call me A(seriously, that's my nickname). My friends in DA are:

:iconreaper2525::icondragonx1010: and many more!

I hope you enjoy my work!
ok, my old hard drive kicked the bucket, I got a new hard drive and my computer is as empty as a shell. Good news is I had time to back up all my files. Bad news is that I'd have to re install everything as well as transfer hundreds of gigabytes worth of files. So it  may take a few days. Plus, I need to get used to everything, its like its not  the computer I used to work with any more.

as for the commission, currently working on slots 6 and 7 now.

To-do list

hm... lets start off with a few things concerning personal works and such

1. continue comics for Project Red: Recreation and :iconfor-the-plot:
2. practice on different drawing styles
3. add new stuff for Adam and Heather's story
4. make some funny comics (need to think of new ideas)
5. Hm... I miss making MLP and HTTYD stuff, maybe I'll do that sometime
6. don't die. I think... that hasn't changed. I still need to live.


(answer truthfully) To those who commissioned me: 

279 deviants said I am quite satisfied with your work
31 deviants said I like it but I think you could do better
13 deviants said I am not satisfied with your work



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